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Can we live up to expectations?

Happiness or disappointment, it’s all in the expectation.

One of the major things I’ve learned over the years is that expectations can cause delight and happiness as well as misery and disappointment. That’s why is so important to set them correctly. 😁 😥

Mismatched expectations are one of the main reasons we can feel unhappy or let down but if the other party involved doesn’t know what your expectations are, is it really their fault? Vice versa too, the other party may have expectations of you but if they haven’t told you what they are, is it really your fault if you let them down?

Business Expectations

It works in business too. If someone or something (like a product or a service) doesn’t meet the expectations THEY set, you feel let down, that you haven’t gotten value for money, or that you’ve been ‘ripped off’ somehow.

If this happens to you, you really should let the company know of your disappointment. It’s not complaining, it’s giving feedback. Give it in a constructive way so they know which of their expectations aren’t working and either change them or remove them! 🙏

What about the other way around? Think how you feel when someone or something exceeds your expectations. It’s brilliant, isn’t it?

When your package arrives early. 📦
When your car passes its MOT the first time. 🚗
When the service you receive surpasses your expectations. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
When the item you want to buy is in the sale AND they’ve got it in your size 👗 .
When your electricity bill ⚡ is MUCH lower than you thought (ok, that one is a bit much but you know where I’m coming from. 😂 )

Exceeding Expectations

Today my expectations were exceeded when I took back an item that didn’t do what it was supposed to (it was flea stuff for my cat, the tube was empty!) I took it back and immediately got an apology and a replacement.

What would have happened if I didn’t say anything? I would have felt disappointed, ripped off even, especially as it was £36! But I don’t. I feel delighted and happy and hopefully flea-free. 😻

So, what expectation have you had recently that’s delighted you or made you unhappy? Could you have done anything different?

Just a thought. ❤️

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