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Public Relations

About Public Relations

Public Relations or PR is generally thought of as getting an article published in a newspaper or magazine and yes, while that’s certainly true, there’s a bit more to it than that.

PR is all about how you communicate with your stakeholders and letting them know how you do business. Chances are unless you really are a totally unique product or service, they’ll be someone out there doing the same as you. It’s then up to you to let people know what sets you apart – and generally speaking that difference will be HOW you do business.

So from your commitment to Social Corporate Responsibility to your brilliant customer service or just keeping your customers and potential customers informed of your business achievements. We are here to help you let the world know how you do business.

How We Can Help You

From an entire Public Relations campaign to a one off press release we can help you speak to your customers in the way that let’s them know exactly what your business is all about. 

Why Choose TBC Marketing

Teresa Carnall is a former journalist with plenty of experience under her belt. From robotic fish in Spanish harbours to businesses welcoming new team members, Teresa has written press releases on all types of business topics and understands exactly how to get your news the attention it deserves.

Teresa’s love affair with Social Media and online marketing also means we totally get how to make your business news heard in all the right places.




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