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About Social Media

We love our personal social media platforms as much as the next person but as a marketing company we also know there’s a world of difference on what you post on your personal accounts to what you post on your business pages.

We also understand that bringing social media into your company’s marketing mix can bring excellent results – if it’s done in the right way. Then again, it depends on what your expectations are to be honest. Social Media can be blinking hard going and ideally you need to be in it for the long haul. It takes time to build and develop a loyal fan base, to really get to understand what your fans expect of you and how to handle their occasional disappointment (we’ve yet to meet a perfect business that never, ever disappointed their customers – although usually it’s something that’s happened out of the businesses control to be fair).

With our experience of teaching how to run effective social media campaigns to hundreds (it’s almost up to a thousand but not quite there – yet) of businesses, not only do we understand the challenges facing business owners and marketing departments, we know how exactly to make the most of social media for getting business.

How We Can Help You

From setting up your social media business accounts – including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ to creating a full social media strategy combined with a full on social media management service and everything in-between, we’ll do whatever helps your business the most.

We’ve worked with lots of businesses over the last few years, helping them boost their social media presence to result in increased sales and potential customers.

So, if you’d like to see how TBC Marketing can help your business with your social media just drop us an email on or give us a ring on 01492 339240 – we’re always happy to have a chat and see where we can help you.


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