Who Are TBC Marketing

TBC Marketing is Teresa Carnall.

First things first, we, that is me, Teresa Carnall, totally and completely loves everything marketing. Confession time – I didn’t even realise what marketing really was was until 1993  when I had my very first marketing lecture and thought ‘wowsers this is clever stuff.’ How a brand can succeed or fail through marketing, through their brand placement, whether or not they understand their customers. All that stuff I just love it!

Since that day my whole career path led me to create and build my own marketing business. From becoming a qualified journalist working on the local paper, to being a sales and marketing manager for a web design company at a time when you had to really convince estate agents that websites had the ability to transform their business and loads in-between. Marketing has been at the heart of everything I’ve done.

Fast forward, or is that re-wind? to 2007 and TBC Marketing was born.

I started off working along design agencies helping them make better marketing decisions for their clients. Decisions based on what customers wanted, how they wanted it to look and where they wanted to buy it.

Helping create perfect customer journeys I’ve learnt  it’s not always the cheapest, the fastest or the smartest that win the sales race. It’s the one that makes their customers feel good about themselves. The one that makes you feel like you’ve made the right decision.

A large part of my business is about training. Training other businesses how to use social media, how to create that amazing email marketing campaign, how to create great blog posts and most other things marketing related. A real driver for me is sharing my knowledge with others and being seeing those ‘lightbulb moments’ in people’s eyes as things click into place really gives me a massive buzz.

Who We Work With

At TBC Marketing I definitely don’t profess to an expert in all things marketing which is why I choose to work with other professional specialists to compliment what I do. They include professionals such as web designers, graphic designers, photographers and printers and together we make sure my clients get the best marketing advice, support and practical help they possibly can.

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