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Who Are TBC Marketing

TBC Marketing is Teresa Carnall and my heart is in marketing. Ever since I attended my first marketing lecture I was hooked. That was back in 1995 and since my graduation, that’s where my career has taken me – or I’ve taken it.

From journalism to sales and lots in-between every role I’ve undertaken had its roots in marketing.

Then in 2005 I set up my own marketing company and boy did I realise how much I didn’t know! Not about marketing but about running a successful business. Those early years were a steep learning curve and gave me a great insight into the trials and tribulations of running a successful business. I realised it can be a lonely place at times but the greatest insights come from when you surround yourself with like-minded people who are there to offer support and guidance.

As my own business developed and through reaching out to others for support, I realised I had a natural strength of wanting to develop other people to achieve their own business goals. What better way to do that but to use my marketing talents to train and coach them to learn new skills that will have a positive impact on their business.

That’s when I created the training arm of my business. I’ve since trained and coached well over a thousand business owners and managers to help them be the best they can be and the results on their businesses are amazing.

Teresa hosting event

Hosting the North Wales Young Business Awards

My natural enthusiasm and courage means that I’m often sought out to speak at conferences and events about my own journey, warts and all, and especially to help businesses get the best out of digital marketing. My love of developing others also means I’m at my very best when I see people hit their ‘light bulb’ moment, which in turn encourages me to share more, to inspire more and to become even more enthusiastic about doing so!

I’m also an accredited Strengthscope® Practitioner which means as well as knowing my own strengths and can take people through the journey that leads them to know and understand their own strengths too. Believe me, this is a game changer!  Knowing people’s innate strengths I am able to work with them to challenge themselves to reach new marketing highs within their business.  My love of working with people, forming collaborative teams and supporting people to be their very best means that everyone wins – and that’s just how it should be.

My courageous streak also makes an appearance in my home life. In the last few years I’ve learnt to play the ukulele and in my 50’s have become a rock star playing at events and festivals all over North Wales (seriously, check out UkeWaves Facebook page if you don’t believe me.) In my down time, I love nothing more than spending time with family in this beautiful place we live in.

Our strategic partners

At TBC Marketing I definitely don’t profess to an expert in all things marketing which is why I choose to work with other professional specialists to compliment what I do. They include professionals such as web designers, graphic designers, photographers and printers and together we make sure my clients get the best marketing advice, support and practical help they possibly can.

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