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Discover your Super Strengths

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Have you ever wondered how awesome you could be if you knew what your super-strengths were? Or how it would feel to know that all the decisions you make are the right ones, for the right reasons?

How would it feel to be truly effective? – To know your innate personality strengths and how to use them to their maximum potential?

What about if you share this knowledge with your clients – how powerful would that be?

Just to make sure we’re talking the same language here, we’re talking of strengths such as Leadership, Critical Thinking, Courage, Enthusiasm, Collaboration and Flexibility to name just a few.

Born with Strengths

We’re all born with strengths. Some we use every day, others can lay dormant until we have need of them while others may be stashed away, having never been used, just waiting for someone to help bring them to life.

This mini-workshop gives you an overview and an insight into what your true strengths are, how you can use them to be your very best self, what to do if your strengths goes into overdrive as well as how you can counterbalance the strengths you do have to overcome those strengths that aren’t so strong.

This new concept is sweeping the UK.  A Strengths-based approach turning the old ways of doing things on its head, no more focusing on what you don’t yet know, or don’t do well. This approach focuses on what you already have and supercharges it to have a much greater impact than focusing on your weaknesses will ever have.

It helps you discover your potential strengths by using tools provided by Strengthscope®, a comprehensive and innovative cloud-based strengths profiling system to energise peak performance.

Strengthscope® – sweeping the UK

Strengthscope® is transforming the lives of individuals, teams and leaders in organisations all over the world. This unique strengths-based psychometric profiling:

Enables self-awareness, so you can discover what really makes you tick

Builds a culture of inclusion where you can truly be yourself

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