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Creating maximum potential in your business.

According to general consensus, it takes three main business skills to run a business and take it to its full potential.


Strategic Business Planning


Chances are you’re pretty good at two, or perhaps all three of these things but there’s usually one skill that doesn’t float your boat as much as the other two. You may have the potential to do it well but you don’t enjoy it, there’s no natural flair and as a result, it’s the area of your business that suffers the most.  Is this you?

How would you feel if you could find a way to enjoy all aspects of running your business? Pretty good eh?

Through discovering your innate strengths, those strengths you were born with and those strengths that energise you the most, you can help take your business to its highest potential.

Using Strengthscope®, the most comprehensive and innovative cloud-based strengths profiling system to energise peak performance, you will discover your true strengths and hidden talents. More importantly, you will learn to understand how to use those strengths to create a strategy that will allow you to work at your best – whatever the task.

You will also learn how some of your strengths can go into overdrive, potentially creating a negative impact on key projects.

Before the workshop you’ll be asked to complete your own Strengthscope® profile that will give you a comprehensive view of your top seven strengths as well as your ‘bubbling under’ strengths, those strengths that can rise to the surface and help you reach your goals.

During the workshop you will learn to understand how your top seven strengths can energise you into becoming the person at work you’ve always wanted to be. You’ll learn how to work to your strengths and how to keep on top of your game.

You’ll also learn what happens when your strengths go into overdrive and how it can turn strengths into debilitating weaknesses.

You’ll begin to understand how working with others who have different strengths to you can make you an invincible team.

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BPS logoStrengthscope® is the most comprehensive and innovative cloud-based strengths profiling system to energize peak performance at work. It is also the only strengths assessment to have achieved Registered Test Status with the UK’s British Psychological Society.  


potential strengths

An example of a Strengthscope® wheel







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