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Become a Time Management Ninja and Poke Procrastination in the Eye!

Well not really but if you attend this free workshop the chances are you’ll definitely be on the way to doing both of those things (not sure if you can ‘do’ a Time Management Ninja but we’ll go with it anyway.)

Head full of nonsense and time managmentLet me ask you this. Do you get to the end of the day, the week or even the month with those jobs still not completed? Do you put things off time and time again focussing only on the nice things to do? Do you start each day full of good intentions and end up being distracted by the small stuff? Well, you’re not on your own.

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Become more productive

This mini-workshop looks at why we procrastinate when we know we’ll feel so much better when we’ve done the tasks at hand. It will also share simple, effective ideas on how to become more productive with our time without it seeming like a chore.

The whole reason this workshop exists is that the person delivering it – me (Teresa from TBC Marketing) is blinking determined to stop being a time-wasting procrastinator, get more s**t done and feel good in the process. By creating a mini-workshop on how to stop wasting time and finding simple solutions to my time management challenges, I’m forcing myself to hit my brick wall head-on. I’m no time-management expert but I always rise to a challenge and have fun in the process.

Not like any other Time Management workshop

This event will not be like any other time-management event you’ve attended (unless you came to the first one and then it will be very similar to a time-management event you’ve attended).

This is the second of my Time Management for Procrastinators workshops- I’m definitely still not a master of Time Management but I’m sooo much better than I used to be. I’ve learned more about the reasons why I/we procrastinate and how to we can change them.  I Look forward to seeing you there so I can share my discoveries with you!

Just so you know, I do share a few practical tips but really, this workshop is about the psychology of why we procrastinate, how we can stop ourselves and what to do to make us become more effective at work and at home. It’s my personal journey of what I’ve learned while changing a lifetime of bad habits!

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