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Top Tips for Email Marketing Success

I delete between 90-95% of any email marketing that drops into my inbox – so how DO you create email marketing success?

Email Marketing ImageI’ve put together my five top tips for creating email marketing success and give you more than a fighting chance of getting your emails noticed and more importantly still – opened and read.

Number One: Know your audience

It might sound really obvious but the majority of emails that end up in my trash are those that are just taking a chance that I’m in a good mood and I’ll open them. They don’t actually talk to ME. They haven’t taken the time to know what I’m like, what I’m looking for, what my problems are and what make me tick.
Knowing who your audience is really is essential to email marketing success. If you’ve not already done so segment the people who buy your products or services into different audience types. Consider things like Age, Gender, Income / Turnover, Needs and Desires (you need a car but you desire an Aston Martin Vanquish – I blinking wish!). The more you know about your audience the easier it is to create an email that talks to them directly.

Number Two: Resonate with your Audience

Ok, so you know what makes your audience tick, now you need to talk to them in a way that makes them listen. I got an email once that started with ‘Become up to 40lbs Smaller’. Ok, it got my attention but the next line read (and I kid you not) Fat and hopeless aren’t you? That definitely didn’t resonate with me at all!! Although in fairness it did make me howl with laughter. However, I don’t think that was the aim of the sender. Should the next line have read something like; ‘Fed up of losing weight only to put it all back on?’ Now that would have resonated with me totally and would have probably resulted in email marketing success for the sender.

Email Marketing Fail

Number Three: (Although in fairness it’s probably the most important one of all.) Create an Eye-Catching Subject Line

You’ve got less than half a second to catch someone’s eye with a subject that’s interesting and relevant to the person reading it. That’s a tough ask to be fair but here’s some useful advice to follow.
Make sure your subject lines are timely and useful. So if you’re a small business owner getting an email with the subject ‘New Tax Rules for Small Businesses in Force April 2017’ It may not be the most riveting subject line you’ll read but it will certainly attract the small business owner’s attention and you’re on your way to email marketing success.
Whenever possible it’s also a good idea to make the subject line location relevant too. So taking the ‘Tax Rules’ headline – add the location of the recipient and it’s even more likely to catch their attention. ‘New Tax Rules for Small Businesses in Wales – April 2017’ (If you were more specific with this one it would seem fake – after all, tax legislation tends to be UK wide!) However, you get the picture.

Number Four: Make the Email Fit for Purpose.

Ok, this may sound a bit obvious but if you’re new at this email marketing malarkey it’s so easy to get caught up in the whole thing and lose sight of WHY you’re sending your email in the first place. The main answer I get to this question is ‘to get more sales’ and while that’s totally fine, think about breaking the question down a bit.
Are you sending your email to people that have bought from you before? If so, they will generally remember you but give them a gentle reminder of why they chose you in the first place. Then let them know why your products or service are perfect for them. (Resonate)
Is this email going to new prospects? If so that’s a different kettle of fish altogether. They don’t know how amazing you are yet, so tell them. Testimonials, reviews and positive feedback from other customers do this perfectly. Think about how they are going to buy, is it through a website? Make sure your links are easy to see and link directly through to the page/item you’re talking about. (NOTHING worse than clicking a link that just goes direct to a home page and you’re left floundering around trying to find the thing that captured your attention.)

Number Five: Give Them a Reason to Want More

Make your email so awesome the next time an email from you pops up in their inbox, they’ll read it in fear of missing out.  Easier said than done? Perhaps but there are some simple things you can do to make your customers want more. Give them ‘you heard it here first’ news or a discount / special offer code that’s only applicable if they reply to your email in a certain time frame. You can also give them a taster of what’s to come in the next email. Making sure you’ve followed the first four tips I’ve given you of course.  Good luck!

If you’re looking for more help on writing and sending emails that will bring you business, check out the classroom based workshop I run through Glasdir Skills Academy. I also work with individual businesses, either teaching how to create their own email marketing success, or I’ll create it for them. Give me a call on 01492 339240 or email me at and we can have a chat.

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