Five Ways To Cheese off Social Media Fans. Which ones are you guilty of?

Five Ways To Cheese Off Your Social Media Fans

Five ways to cheese off your social media fans – without even trying.

Teresa cheese off

These five things really cheese me off!

As the saying goes you can’t please all of the people all of the time but do any one of these five things and I’ll guarantee you’ll cheese most of the people off most of the time.  The secret with good social media is putting the customer first and including your values in your post. There are other things to take into account of course but we’ll come to them another time. For now I wanted to focus on the social media traits that really cheese me off. Not just me I hasten to add, they cheese a lot of people off. So if you’re finding yourself guilty of any of them – please stop, you’ll thank me for it, honest!

1. Linking Social Media Accounts Together.

Twitter and Facebook are the worse perpetrators in my view. You put a Tweet out there; tag a couple of people in and use a hashtag or two. Fabulous, jobs a good ‘un. But to save yourself a bit of time you’ve linked your Facebook and Twitter accounts together so all your Tweets automatically appear on Facebook. Why do this? The tags don’t work and Facebook really doesn’t do hashtags very well. All that happens is you’ve a status that makes you look a tad lazy and doesn’t even make much sense. Unlink them now – please.

2. Sales, Sales, Sales.

For this one, just keep thinking that little blue fish from Finding Nemo, you know the forgetful one. Dory, that’s her. Anyway, in the film she sings ‘just keep swimming, just keep swimming’. Substitute selling for swimming and you’ve got it. To all those pages / accounts out there that think one sales post after another is a good way to go, sorry to break it to you but you’re wrong. I’m not saying can’t directly sell to your customers, of course you can– but ALL the time? Heck no, that’s not good and will certainly switch off your fans.

3. Not using images or videos.

That’s it really. If your posts are mainly just words with no images or videos to liven things up your fans will soon get bored.

4. Make it all about business.

People buy from people and social media is no exception. You really need to show off your personality, remind people why they liked your page/followed you in the first place. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun, after all humour makes the world go round – well it does in my world.

5. Run a competition and not share who the winner is.

Competitions on social media are really popular. They create loads of engagement and even if the prize isn’t a brand new four wheel drive (those competitions don’t exist by the way, they’re just looking to harvest likes for underhanded means) people love to be in with a chance of winning something. That’s why it’s so important to share who the winner of your competition is. If you don’t people start to grumble about it being a ‘fix’ and will start to feel resentment towards your brand.

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