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To Blog or Not to Blog – or more to the point – What to Blog

As a marketer I totally appreciate the relevance and importance of blogs as part of an online marketing strategy. However, I very rarely practice what I preach. I often think of interesting, exciting blog topics that are filled with useful tips and advice, usually during that hazy time between sleeping / waking when the brain has an even shorter memory span than normal. So short in fact that by the time I’m fully awake all I’m left with is the annoying feeling of having an amazing idea that if remembered correctly would have the ability to change the way people market their business – including my own. Even when I’m wide awake I’ll often think of something totally relevant and helpful to blog about, usually a social media golden nugget or an online marketing revolutionary idea but by the time I’ve got near to a computer (or even a note book would do) to write the nugget or idea down, I’ve forgotten what the heck it was.

The reality of that is of course the ideas were probably pants anyway. Thanks to my rubbish memory I’ll never know.

So, what if like me, you’re a sporadic blogger, mainly due to having nothing much to talk about but you’ve decided that 2015 is THE year you’re going to blog your heart out. What on earth do you blog about and will anyone ever read it?

Sorry to leave you on this cliff-hanger (I don’t think I’ll give up my day job to become an author of thrillers) but in order to answer those questions I’m off to do my own research on what make the perfect blog. I will be back …

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